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stunning web sites
  • Over 75 pre-built content topics.
  • Make unlimited changes.
  • Setup an online shop in minutes.
  • Easily integrate with social networks.

Build your website with Idaq Web Builder
it's so easy anyone can do it.

Builder a stunning website easily

Just a few clicks to create a fantastic website

Web Builder is so easy to use absolutely no technical knowledge is required. You can choose from a wide range of pre-made templates and colour schemes to make your site look individual or you can design your own, it's totally flexible.

New to Web Design? The Idaq Web Builder is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced. If you are just starting out then it is ideal as no technical knowledge is needed.

Experienced Web Designer? - If you are more experienced and perhaps need to design one or more websites for yourself or your customers then the Idaq Web Builder is powerful enough, flexible enough and fast enough to enable you to complete your work in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional tools.

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Your website can be online in 3 easy steps

1 Style
Choose a style or create your own. You can choose from over 75 high quality website templates and thousands of colour combinations.
2 Your Details
Enter a few details about you or your business. Once done a common set of pages and content is created. You can edit any part of the website now or later.
3 Publish
Click a button to publish your site. No need to learn how to upload web pages, Web Builder does it for you. Instantly and from anywhere.

Make your site exactly how you want it

Website DesignsWeb Builder - Select a theme

Chooses from over 75 template designs ready to use including theme specific content. You can easily change the text, images, layout, menu's and colours to make the site exactly how you want it.

Easy EditingWeb Builder Easy Editing

Edit text just like typing an email or a letter in your favourite word processor, add or change images with just a click of your mouse, create new pages and menu's are automatically updated. It's all so easy.

One Click PublishingWeb Builder One CLick Publishing

Publish your Web Builder site with one click. No need to learn how to use any other software to upload your site, just make your changes and click 'Publish' it really is that simple. No technical knowledge needed.

Easy Online ShopWeb Builder - Easily create an online shop

Add an online store and shopping cart functionality to your store by just dragging our online store module to one of your pages. Adding your products and prices is easy, you can also easily accept online payments.

Social MediaAllow your visitors to share your pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

Allow your visitors to share your website pages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media site. Add Facebook and Twitter to your pages simply by drag and drop.

MultimediaEasily create an Image or Video library on your website.

Add Video & Photo's to your website. Add images to your website easily simply drag them to your site. You can also add an image library with one click and upload a gallery of images to your site or link to your Picasa account.