Virtual Private Servers

Low Prices
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Power & flexibility when you need it.

Our Virtual Server Products offer you all the flexibility of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost. You also get features not available with a dedicated server such as the Snapshot feature available on our Cloud products.

Experienced Virtualisation

Idaq launched its first Virtual Server product in 2003. Today many companies offer Virtual Server products but very few have the level of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years.

Why go Virtual Dedicated?

As your site grows, and you exceed the resources provided with your shared hosting platform, Virtual Private Servers provide additional power and flexibility to meet your growing requirements.

In some cases software packages are not suited to standard web hosting packages due to security and or software dependency requirements. In these cases virtual servers provide administrative (root) access to a virtual system where security and or software dependency requirements maybe satisfied.

With this additional flexibility and security it's not surprising that Virtualisation and Cloud technologies are currently a hot topic in the industry.

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Linux Virtual Servers
Linux Virtual Private Servers with dedicated resources and instant setup. Need more flexibility than shared hosting a Linux Virtual Server is ideal.
Windows Virtual Servers
Windows VPS allow you the flexibility to configure your server just as if it was a dedicated server but without the expense.
Plesk Virtuozzo Virtual Server
Plesk, the award winning server control panel. Virtuozzo, the award winning Virtualisation platform work together, flawlessly.

Which OS (Operation System) is right for you?

There are different hosting features available to you depending on which OS you choose. For example, you may be developing a website that needs ASP support and a MS-SQL database- so you will need to choose a windows based package because ASP scripting and MS-SQL are windows only features.

Another example maybe: you want to install an open source application written in PHP which requires a MySQL database. The OS of choice here would be Linux. Although our windows hosting packages support PHP and MySQL, unless you need a specific windows feature it is best practice to choose Linux as this is the OS that PHP and MySQL were primarily designed for.

Please read carefully about the supported features of each hosting package/platform. You may need to speak to your web developer to discuss technical requirements for your new website.